In the race to modernise, we have forgotten our heritage, a rich legacy of herbs and spices, and oils and fragrances. Orrish Era is a culmination of two women’s determination to take you a step closer to nature. To rewind the time a bit. To let you experience purity the way our ancestors did!
The idea to start Orrish Era germinated during a morning walk.

A love for natural products and an urge to carve an independent identity led M.Sakshi and A.Anuja to establish Orrish Era. Named after Lord Krishna, Orrish Era is a product of love, passion, hard work and unflinching devotion to authenticity.

We have started with skincare essentials which includes Goatmilk soaps, glycerin soaps, bath-salts, bath fizzers but have gradually built an extensive range of products. We have added Hand Gel Sanitizer, Hibiscus Hair Oil, Face Serums, Essential Oil Blends to our range of natural skincare products.

All our products are made using traditional processes and natural ingredients. At Orrish Era, we source the ingredients from local producers, providing a source of sustenance to them.